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New Years Eve! It’s ON!

  [caption id="attachment_269" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]2019 New Years Eve party 2019 New Years Eve party[/caption] @Athonia is a Santa Cruz DJ & audio engineer.  Check out her weekly performances  at MOTIV nightclub on Saturdays. ”  

Experience: Bad Boo started her career in music working on film scores and editing fx at Skywalker Sound. She DJ’d desert parties with a pair of Technics MK2 Turntables back in ‘da day. Underground Hollywood club “Belly” was her first residency back in 2003. In 2014 she discovered harmonic DJing and ‘STEMS’ which opened up creative landscape like never before. She now focuses her mixes on vocally rich tracks with solid grooves. Her signature is silky smooth transitions and a lively dancefloor. Check her out in Santa Cruz and around the Bay Area of California. If the party sounds fun, Athonia can be hired for under $1000 in the Northern California region. Typical rates are as low as $595 for special events (if you have your own speakers, PA system. Rates go up to $795 if speakers are supplied by DJ. Reach out now! My latest event (aside from MOTIV on Saturdays): — HotelParadox 2017 Diversity Center Gala Event in Santa Cruz, CA …a touching testimonial from after the Diversity Center event above: From Dean M (Gala organizer) –– October 16, 2017 “Athonia, you’re DJing was absolutely amazing last weekend! Those mixes were tight! You really nailed it. The dance floor was going crazy! Thank you for your support of the Diversity Center and being such a big part of our Gala. I still can’t believe how good your music was and your mastery of blending in the 80’s tunes! It was magic.”]]>