The problem w/checkout screens at grocery stores

I sent the following to my grocery store using their “Contact us” link at the bottom of and

I might recommend we all send them this communication so as to reduce germ/virus transmission:

I would like to urge Raley’s to rethink, or just remove, that donation screen on the point-of-sale device at checkout.

Why? Your customer’s efforts towards avoiding germs, viruses & bacteria, in the age of Novel Corona Virus, by minimizing contact with commonly touched surfaces, are thwarted by this step in the retail process.

Many of us use Android, Google or Apple Pay so as to avoid touching high-traffic screens. In order to get past this solicitation we have to pickup a filthy stylus or use our fingers to click “NO, NOT TODAY” or whatever the escape button says. Either way the customer just become some microbe’s šŸ¦  new host organism!


Even if there was no pandemic, there’s still a lot of reasons we should avoid these consoles at checkout. The customer needs a way to bypass this step, one way or the other.

How can we get around this annoying and dangerous step without switching to cash?